The Tahir Shah Travel Reader

Over the last thirty years, Tahir Shah has roamed the farthest limits of the world, and produced a stupefying body of travel literature, embracing a cornucopia of quests.

He has sought out the so-called Birdmen of Peru, studied magic with the godmen of India, searched for the mysterious lost city of the Incas, and for the fabled lost treasure of Mughal India.

Shah has noted that seeking out the hidden underbelly of the lands through which he travels is centrally important to him. The themes of zigzagging adventure, spontaneity, and walking a path that’s utterly original are found throughout his travelogues.

As far as Shah is concerned, ‘Travel itself is not only the destination, but the greatest teacher, confidant, and friend. Forward movement enables a mysterious kind of alchemy to occur, in which the mind is freed from the restrictions and biases of daily life.’

Wide-ranging in scope, The Tahir Shah Travel Reader contains full-length chapters from many of the bestselling books that have made Shah’s name. They include chapters from – 
                    Beyond the Devil’s Teeth
                    House of the Tiger King
                    In Arabian Nights
                    Journey Through Namibia
                    Sorcerer’s Apprentice
                    The Caliph’s House
                    Three Essays
                    The Clockmaker’s Box
                    Trail of Feathers
                    Travels With Myself
                    Travels With Nasrudin

The Tahir Shah Travel Reader

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