When the Sun Forgot to Rise

This is the story of a little girl called Floria, who lives in the Arctic Circle with her mother and father, and her brothers and sisters. Each winter, they crowd around in their little wooden house and listen to an epic story - The Tale of Elypsia.

Tradition holds that, when the great saga ends, the winter darkness will come to a close as the first light of spring breaks over the horizon.

But this particular year, the sun didn't rise when the last words of the epic were spoken.

Floria sets off into the darkness to find out what's happening. Pitting herself against uncertainty and the elements, she uses her imagination to wake the sleeping sun.

For both children and adults, When the Sun Forgot to Rise is a tale in the genre of teaching stories, told by our ancestors since ancient times.

Its author, Tahir Shah, is widely regarded as one of the most original writers and storytellers of our age.

When the Sun Forgot to Rise

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